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Slime A'hoy


Slime A’hoy is a small competitive party game played with controllers, the player uses projectiles and powerups to try to push each other off the platform in a destructible environment. It uses physics that knocks the player back when shooting to make the game feel more intense and make positioning and awareness of the environment important.






Target length:

Tools I used:

Level and gameplay design

2 Weeks

Unreal engine 4

3 designers and 3 3D artists

party, arena
5 min

Unreal, Blueprints, Blender

My Contribution:

Level design:

First iteration:

  • Basic circular arena (made in blender). 

  • Plenty of space to be pushed around on 

  • Islands that can be reached by jumping or getting pushed to.

  • Main goal was to be playtested on.

  • Inspiration from the PVP arena game Battlerite that uses similar controls and camera view.

Second iteration:

  • Created a less geometric and more interesting map

  • Added elevation to surrounding islands


Third iteration:

  • Removed elevation due to extra workload and to encourage action

  • Started to implement props and art

Slime ahoy level.PNG.png

I kept the general layout flat but broke up the island to be more exciting. I placed a lot of breakable rocks/cliffs placed around the edges to make the start of a match more safe and increase the danger the longer it went on. I also made sure to place the powerups on harder to reach places such as the smaller and more exposed islands around the main island.





Power-up locations
Player starting locations
Destructible barriers

Safer start area

Dangerous area


When it came to gameplay design I mostly worked on designing the power up system and the balancing of the knockback system, much of this were a collaborative effort between designers where everyone touched up on and polished the systems at one point or another until we all felt satisfied with the end product. I also designed a mechanic to fire randomly selected projectiles from an array to make the shooting more exciting but we had to cut it due to the extra strain it would add on the artists.

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